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Dawei directions, preparation, highway bus, fee, travel time, airplane, map etc.

About Dawei

 Originally, the Thai government had been developing the industrial estate, but at the end of the day, the Thai government had been stalled, and now the Japanese government supports the development of the industrial park, but it seems that it is not going as I expected. I actually tried, but it did not look like it was being developed.
There are several beautiful local beaches in Dawei. As resort development is not done, I think whether it is okay for those who want to have a relaxing time, but it is also very difficult to go from Yangon very far.

Map of Dawei

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Myanmar Travel Information

Dawei Climate and Weather Forecast

Air Plane

 An airplane from Yangon to Dawei is flying about 1 to 2 flights a Day.
When you search on Google, you can search flight schedules etc.

You can book and buy a domestic air ticket of Myanmar on Expedia.

Time Required

Air Plane

About 1 hour 10 minutes


 Because the bus to Dawei is a long time, we recommend that you use the late-night bus as a VIP bus. With VIP, the seat is spacious so you can relax and sleep.
Also, regarding bus tickets, please contact us so that you can purchase at the hotel, hostel, guesthouse front desk. You do not need to go to the bus station and make a reservation the day before.


※ Because the inside of Myanmar bus is very cold, please bring long sleeve, coat etc. Please keep in mind that even if it is a southern country, you will lose physical condition if you ride a bus by a T – shirt.

Time Required

Yangon → Dawei

About 14 hours

Mawlamyine → Dawei

About 8 hours

Bus ticket highway bus long-distace bus mawlamyine Dawei

This is the But ticket from Mawlamyine to Dawei.

VIP, first class seat and The price was 12,000 kyat.

From Bus Terminal to Dawei Downtown,

 There is also a considerable distance from the bus terminal to the city in Daewei. Basically, you will be using a motorbike taxi or a tuk-tuk.
Depending on the distance to the hotel, it will be around 2,000 to 3,000 kya to the city.

Mawlamyine, Hpa-an

 If you think that it is too long to dwaae, we recommend staying at Mawlamyine or Pa-An, about half a night, in the middle point. For information on tourist information in Mawlamyine, Pa-An, please click here.

Mawlamyine Hpa-an Pa-an Myanmar Travel Information

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Dawei directions, preparation, highway bus, fee, travel time, airplane, map etc.
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