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Directions of Ngwe Saung, highway bus tickets, maps, beaches, hotels, tourist information etc.

About Ngwe Saung

 Ngwe Saung is taking a time for around 6 hours, and the nearest resort from Yangon.. There are many beautiful beaches, hotels and guesthouses. But almost not developed local beach. If you like quiet, and spend a relax time, it might be better for you. But this is not resort, because developed a little.
The best season is from October to May. in dry and hot summer season of Myanmar. In rainy season, it will rain so much, I cannot recommend you to go to there. About precipitation amount is in Ngwe Saung Climate and Weather Forecast. Please read it about the climate.

Map of Ngwe Saung

 Ngwe Saung Map How to use the Map

How to use the map Myanmar Travel Information

How to get to Ngwe Saung

 How to get to Ngwe Saung is by highway, Long Distance bus. And The Bus Terminal is NOT Yangon Bus terminal(Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal)

The Bus Stop and Terminal is

in front of The Yangon Railway Station.

 NOT Yangon Highway Bus Terminal(Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal). Please Pay Attention.

Map of The Bus Stop of Yangon Railway Station.

 A, The Red Mark is for going to Ngwe Saung.


How to buy the bus ticket

 The best way is You can buy the bus ticket at the shop of bus company in front of the Yangon Railway Station.

Round Ticket : 22,000kya (Yangon - Ngwe Saung)

One-way Ticket : 15,000kya (Yangon - Ngwe Saung)
One-way Ticket : 10,000kya (Ngwe Saung - Yangon)  ※ Oct, 2018

Ticket Site of Highway Bus

There are 3 Bus Companies going to Ngwe Saung

Thazin Beach Resort Hotel

If you make a reservation of The Thazin Beach Resort Hotel on the Facebook Page of Thazin Beach Resort Hotel, the staff of the hotel can make for you a reservation of the highway bus ticket from Yangon to Ngwe Saung.

Thazin Beach Resort Hotel


グエンサン(Ngwe Saung)のバス停

This point is The Bus Stop of Ngwe Saung.

Near Ocean Paradise Resort Hotel


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Directions of Ngwe Saung, highway bus tickets, maps, beaches, hotels, tourist information etc.
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