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The traveling and sightseeing in Dawei. Rental bike, motorbike taxi etc. ,

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Rental Bike

 In Myanmar, it is very efficient to rent a rental bike,

In Dawai”Driver’s license“seems to be necessary

It may be due to a tour company, but when I went to a tour company dealing with rental bikes, I was told to do so. It does not have to be an international driver’s license. You need a driver’s license that you own in your country.
So, in my case, I hired a motorbike taxi. It is 20,000 kya per day.
When I went, I could not borrow a rental bike because I did not have a driver’s license. In other places, in most cases, I could borrow without a driver’s license.
So when borrowing a rental bike at the dawn please bring your driver’s license.

The rental motorcycle is about US $ 8 – 9 dollars, about 10,000 kya even if you rent it for a day. Besides, gasoline cost depends on the place you go, but 2,000 to 4,000 kya is enough. By the way, refueling at one time is 2,000 kya, which is almost full of tranquility.

Bike Taxi

 The motorbike taxi will be about 20,000 kya – 30,000 kya (US $ 17 – 27), (2,000 – 3,000 yen) per day depending on the distance you go. It is all inclusive fee, but you’d better pay for driver’s lunch.

For reference, when I went to the dawn in March 2018, I hired 20,000 kya per day for 2 consecutive days and paid 4,000 kya in 2 days. On the first day, we went to Dawway city and the nearby beach, the second day we went to Grand Fathers Beach with Pagoda, Myanmar ・ Paradise Beach ・ Bungalow on the way.

Tour Company

 Since there are several tour companies in Daway, we recommend that you enter the tour for those who want to travel around efficiently.
Especially when you go to the beach far from the dawn, you might as well take a tour.
For tour companies etc, please contact the hotel, guesthouse, hostel etc. In addition, brochures of tour companies are also available.

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The traveling and sightseeing in Dawei. Rental bike, motorbike taxi etc. ,
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